Curtiss SW by 211_CS

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Curtiss SpaceWalker??? And now for something completely different, well, different anyway. By special request, this fictional scheme takes the livery from a U.S. Army Air Corps Curtiss P-6E Hawk bipe, and blends it onto Boof's mono SpaceWalker.

I have rebuilt the normal layer to reflect the characteristics of a dual-tanked Curtiss-style wing, and the combined fabric and metal structure of the Curtiss fuse, with some of the bipe's signature features like the covered door and the rear seat tunnel cover. It certainly isn't scale, because it doesn't exist, but it looks authentic enough to me.

Per the requester's wish, although she has seen some service and has a few minor dents, she is as polished as she could get, the pride of the air wing.

HEADS-UP: This is a 4096 Hi-rez CS, all three maps are big, and you must have normal maps on to see the details as they were intended. I will post a slimmer version in the next day or so, friendlier to the more humble machines.

THE 'LIGHT' VERSION IS HERE: If you and your machine prefer a smaller sized CS, you can download the "light" version from this link:

Many thanks to Boof69 for the original EA, and a few remaining aspects of his bump map.



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