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Mountains and seas get a razor close supersonic F-14 shave in this nap-of-the-Earth tour of Sierra Islands. Flight Path: Take Off headed west from the Aircraft Carrier, overfly Flight School, Figure 8 practice Field, Joe’s Garage, the Palace, RealFlight Ranch, through Apocalypse Bridge, overfly Phoenix Field, Carnival, Soccer Stadium, Sierra Nevada Cliff, Buenna Vista, The Japanese Temple, The Castle, Obstacle Course, through the Carrier lower deck, and then landing on the Aircraft Carrier. You’ll need to download Sierra Islands_AP to view this. Also recommend downloading F-14 Tomcat 40% Mach 2_AV to make the F-14 the same size as in the recording.

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25cent -=-fixed -=-mil -=-scale -=-jet -=-twin -=-retract -=-rf -=-100+lb -=-40+kg -=-12+' -=-4+m -=-1000+mph -=-2000+kph -=-mach -=-fast -=-carrier -=-aerobatic -=-demo -=-multiplefields -=-longrunway -=-sn -=-water -=-15-4 -=-+

This recording requires:

F-14 Tomcat_EA

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