Darth's Devilish Demolition Demo_RC

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Darth Vader invades the serenity of Zenjima with a devilishly destructive show, proving his TIE Interceptor can handle grueling abuse on land, on sea, and under water, while continuing to perform with precision. The beginning and end of the recording are best viewed in fixed position (F1), but you’ll need to use chase (F3) for most of it. For best viewing, download Zenjima (Island of Enlightenment)_AP, TIE Interceptor_EA, and TiE-X-IntrceptR_AV. Also recommend TIE Imperial Gaurd_CS which was used for the recording.

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25cent -=-scifi -=-spaceship -=-other -=-fast -=-physics -=-3D -=-demo -=-mutiplefields -=-water -=-waterops -=-addons -=-15-9

This recording requires:

TIE Interceptor_EA

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