Das Ugly Stik TD_EA

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Someone once said speak softly and fly a Big Stik, well today I'm master of the Stik and am releasing 4 versions, so you will probably find one to your liking. That is if you like Stiks at all. All have a 96 inch wingspan and are tuned to fly as close as possible the same. There's the standard tricycle version that started the Stik craze in 1966 and the tail dragger version for those that prefer sitting down. Then not leaving out the electric crowd there's an EP version too. And for my friend Doug from up north I also have a float version. So dig-in there's a Stik for everyone. And don't forget there's a volume discount for those that download all four. Just kidding.

I'm also releasing for all versions what many consider the alternate color scheme for it, a World War II Trainer.

Thanks Doug for all your help on all the versions and especially the electric version.

Note: Doug mentioned to me that sometimes the tail wheel will hop a little when you go across a sharp edge, like going from the grass onto the runway or onto a landing pad. He said you can fix it by changing the Tail Wheel Landing Gear Stiffness from 500 to 80. I was supposed to change this before release but I forgot to transfer it from the prototype physics to the release physics.


All planes have smoke and brakes but the float version, which only has smoke.


Smoke controlled by Channel 7.


Brakes on the tricycle version uses down elevator and the tail draggers use up elevator.

Plane Design: technoid
Physics Design: technoid and doug schluter
Color Scheme: technoid
Fun Factor: It's a really big Stik.

I also want to thank the guys on the Developer's Forum they're always there when I need help and I really appreciate it.

doug schluter
uncle twist
Maj. Numbskully

When you're flying a 3D Field you can use the F4, F5, and F6 keys for the Front, Left, and Right views of the plane.
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