DeWoitine HD-780 50%_AV

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The beautiful DeWoitine 780, in 50% size for RF7.5...

Too heavy to take off from grass, she is a true Seaplane than needs WATER.

Lots of water at the site I usually host, this gal really makes the distance between airfields worth it!

Rock-solid flyer, a little faster than the real thing (150=300 MPH in level flight, vs 137=274). Zoom dives will be needed after takeoff to get her to maximum speed and (of course!) full power vertical stalls add to the realism.

Handles well in the water thanks to a small negative thruster that prevents forward movement at idle, and helps her pivot about at full rudder. In zero wind, she will back up slowly at dead idle, getting you out of those annoying tight spots that have you hitting the reset button!

Take-off with or without flaps and the stick about 1/4 way back...taking off without flaps just takes a while longer to break the suction on the water.

(hint: watching from the shoreline? WITH flaps. POV in cockpit? WITHOUT).

Land with or without flaps.
I like to land at higher speed without flaps, get the rear of the floats to touch first, then ADD some throttle as she hits the water...
At under 100 lbs she slows down in the water rather abrupty otherwise (realism, man, realism!)


No High/low rates

In cockpit POV Pans with Channel 6 scroll knob, tilts with Channel 8 three-position

Canopy retracts on Channel 5

Flaps on/off with Channel 7

Thanks to everyone responsible for the original EA:

"Color scheme by Maj. Numbskully
Model by jeffpn
Physics by dhk79 and jeffpn
Research and whiny rant by Norton
mwilson914 did absolutely nothing (really !)"

Plus my thanks to 25thCentury for that nice engine sound I got from his Devastator.


This variant requires:

DeWoitine HD-780_EA

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