Maj. Numbskully

DeWoitine HD-780_EA

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The DeWoitine HD-780 is the seaplane version of the D-520. The French felt they needed a seaplane to help with naval efforts. One prototype was built, but never put into service, due to Armistice.

Standard 4 channel controls
Canopy opens with retract switch

Color scheme by Maj. Numbskully
Model by jeffpn
Physics by dhk79 and jeffpn
Research and whiny rant by Norton
mwilson914 did absolutely nothing (really !)

Extensively Bump mapped including:
Instrument panel: gauges ,screws, toggles , knobs , lights, handles
float welds , panel lines , Rivets, cowl bolt /screws , access panels ,
even the barnacles ..............enjoy

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