Do-335 Pfeil G35_EA

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Here is the G3.5 port of my Dornier Do-335 Pfeil, one of Hitler's "Secret Weapons" that arrived too late in the war to make any difference.

Visual Model by DirtyHarry3033

Color Scheme by DirtyHarry3033 - Note that I have tried to reproduce the 3D "normal map" effect on the panel lines from my G4.5 version. Not perfect, but pretty close :)

Physics model and conversion by Flexible.

Following is Flexible's description of his conversion:

Do335 Pfeil
Modeled by Lee ( dirtyharry )
This G35 conversion by flexible
Standard set up
Also has brakes on down elevator, and guns with tracers on low rates.
The power is electric, with two 300 four strokes for sound. This combination gives a very real sound, and in addition the spool down to off sounds like real thing shutting down.
The bomb drop is on three way switch, but because G3 does not support releasing things, the release device breaks away with the bomb. This set up is very sensitive, you can loose it in a high G turn, or landing, and some times on reset. Adding strength does not solve this.

Thanks Flexible for taking the time and effort to do this conversion, and for putting up with me!


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