Dornier Do-335 Pfeil_EA

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This is the Dornier Do-335 A-0, one of Hitler's "Secret Weapons" that came too late in the war to have an impact. This model represents the only surviving Do-335 at the National Air & Space Museum.

Enjoy, guys!


Bomb Release - 3-position switch
.... Up - Bomb bay closed
.... Center - Bomb bay open
.... Down - Release bomb

Brakes - Elevator stick forward (down elevator)

Visual model - DirtyHarry3033
Physics model - DirtyHarry3033
Color Scheme - DirtyHarry3033


The "springy scale retracts" stop "springing" if you drop the bomb. I don't have a clue what's causing this. Reload the plane and they'll start "springing" again.

Special Thanks:

To willsonman for pointers on how to get the various gear struts folding right.

And to TassieDevil at rcscalebuilder.com for the fantastic detail pics of his scratch-built landing gear for his beautiful real-world Do-335, these pics were invaluable for getting the gear geometry working better than I could hope for.

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