Douglas B-26C Invader_EA

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OK here is my 2nd modeling attempt for RF, the Douglas B-26C Invader from the Stephen Spielberg film "Always."

The CS is Pete Sandich's (Richard Dreyfuss') plane from the movie "Always" and I owe an enormous debt to George Miller, aka Katonka who built and flew the models used in the movie and freely offered me a large number of pics taken on the set and in his workshop for reference. He also gave me much valuable feedback on the physics model and with his advice helped me get it flying like the ones he built for the movie. Thanks George!

Many thanks also to Doug and Dane who gave me more help and advice than I could ever have hoped for. They went "above and beyond!" You guys are the best :)

3D Model - DirtyHarry3033
Physics Model - DirtyHarry3033 (with GREAT input from Katonka)
Color Scheme - DirtyHarry3033


Top left switch: Dual rates
Top right switch: Retracts
Knob: Flaps

3-position switch:
Centered - Canopy and bomb bay closed
Up - Open Canopy
Down - Open bomb bay and drop borate


The plane is equipped with brakes but they will not engage unless the throttle is fully at idle. In other words, brakes release as soon as you advance the throttle! I did this because I experienced probs with brakes "grabbing" while taxiing making it hard to steer.

If you don't like this behavior, go to the main wheel and change the brake servo from "Signal Modifier - Brake" to "Throttle".

Hope you guys enjoy flying it as much as I've enjoyed building it!


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