E-flite Blade mCP X_AV

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This is my attempt at making this heli fly like the real thing. The 3D Model, Color Scheme and most of the physics were set up by OneEyeJack.

Here's the list of changes that I made to the physics:
-tweaked the electronic flybar settings
-lowered the center of gravity by half an inch (helped with unwanted osculation)
-swapped out the brushless motor for a brushed motor (my mCP X is still all stock so I don't know how it behaves with a brushless motor)
-dropped the motor's power to 80%
-changed overall max pitch to 10 degrees
-changed all pitch curve +/- peaks to 75% (this is suggested by Blade when using a transmitter like the DX7)

One issue I haven't been able to overcome is the random spinning out of control. I've tried several different settings for the yaw gyro but it doesn't go away. If anyone knows a way to fix this, please let me know.

A HUGE thanks goes to OneEyeJack for all of his hard work on the EA!

This variant requires:

E-flite Blade mCP X_EA
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