E-Flite Brio Ten with E-Flite 9X6E C3536 Motor_AV

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I'm fed up with E-Flite's expensive "recommended" setups.

Here is how I am currently flying my real Brio 10. This model reflects the actual configuration and performance.

I've removed the rather anemic 480BL and replaced it with a super cheap ( $17.00 USD from NP ) CD-ROM 30-40A 1500Kv motor and an inexpensive 60A TPro ESC.

The Brio now uses two 2200mAh LiPo packs in a 3S2P configuration to produce 4400mAh total.

This brings the AUW up to 41oz and increases the wing loading by approximately 2oz/sq ft.

You'll note that this G3 model mimics the famous tip stall tendancies of the real thing during high alpha turns, and exhibits the same knife edge behaviour as the real plane.

Watch those landings, the Brio 10 has awfully weak landing gear. Any velocity on grass (short of a perfect harrier landing) usually results in collapsed gear.


This variant requires:

E-Flite Brio 10_EA