E3D - Flap Mixing (Nitro)_AV

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This is an E3D with flap mixing that I changed over to Nitro.

It has a OS .25 that was edited to be the same weight as the old electric motor, the fuel tank is in the same position and the same weight of the old battery. It has nitro colored exhaust, and weights about the same as the stock E3D (Actually a little lighter)

I made this since Page said something about a Gas E3D so I figured this could help him edit his own. or he could just fly this

Download this and tell me how it does. Please leave a Comment with your rate.

EDIT: Sorry about the plane rolling around at idle. I tested this at a different airport and it sat fine. So sorry about that.

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This variant requires:

E3D from RealFlight G5
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