Eclipson Blackwing_EA

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EWB-160 also known as “The Blackwing” is a state-of-the-art 3D printed UAV. The latest technologies and innovations have been used to achieve a unique aircraft with spectacular performance. 3D printed design freedom allowed us to create an aircraft that is both very aerodynamic and lightweight. For instance, the airframe structure weighs in at only 275gr for an airplane with a wingspan of 1.6 meters. The Blackwing has been designed to carry a HD/FPV camera, flight controller, GPS, vTx, etc. All of this equipment will give you the option to fly FPV with your goggles or even full autonomous flight with the help of your computer or smartphone… But from our point of view, the most incredible aspect is that anyone can build at home and fly this aircraft for a ridiculous price.