F-105D Thunderchief 50%_AV

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OK here is Legomans fabulous F-105 D model, in Half-Scale….

Sleek Sexy and Fast, she’ll run rock-solid at over 400 knots to deliver a string of Ordnance…for some Danger-Close Infantry Support low along the Paddy Dykes, or from High Altitude against Sam Sites at Hyphong Harbor, and still Dogfight her way out of Mig Alley with lethal cannon fire too.

This Thud, is a STUD.

But Legoman built a lot of features into this Gal and I’ve added a few more as well, so there is a lot going on with the controls. Pay Attention 

Typical to my half-scale builds there is no High or Low rate to the standard flight controls. Wheel Brakes are Elevator forward (down stick)

The rest of the controls are as follows

Channel 7…Retracts done right
Up is GEAR UP, Down is Gear DOWN.. .the way God and the Wright Brothers Intended it to be.
(am I the only one that does it this way!?)

Channel 6 Scroll Knob…the Busy Button
Flaps…Flaps are “visual only” with no aerodynamic component. You have plenty of lift without needing “real” ones for sweet looking, nose-up and ride-the-main-gear-a-while landings…but it looks cool to have them visually deployed on Landings, so there they are.

Speed Brakes… They will go from Zero to Fully Deploy on the last 2 or 3 clicks of the Scroll Knob…Flaps at 95% for good looks, set her on the main gear, deploy the Speed Brakes once the nose wheel touches. Speed Brakes ARE Aerodynamic…

The Cockpit Cam …F4 key is the Pilot View that also Pans with the Scroll knob... you can fly POV and look left and right, as the accompanying flaps movements will have no aerodynamic effect… just beware an extreme “Look Right” condition will deploy the Speed Brakes that DO.

Channel 8 Three Position Switch…War and Peace
Centered is Neutral. Down for Evil Cannon Fire. Up to raise the Happy Canopy.

Channel 5 Switch…A One Track Mind
Bombs…Just…Bombs….the whole reason this Plane was built.
Switch towards you (pull the trigger) and the Bombs will “pickle” in sequence….Outer Pylons drop first then the Belly Rack… all in a Sweet Sequence of Explosive Freedom, to spread Peace and Liberty amongst the Communist Heathens.

You can even blip it several times, to spread just the right amount Freedom to where its needed most.

This is a Big, Fast Plane that needs lots of room to stretch her legs…( I suggest my Desert Test Site at Range 15!) . Landing speeds are relatively fast at around 80-90 knots…but if you want to FLY at that speed you will need about 1/3 throttle…in other words, Throttle Management on approach is key, judge your distance and deceleration rates accordingly!

All Praise to Legoman for this perfectly scaled 105, please enjoy my 50% tribute and new colorschemes for her.

This variant requires:

F-105D Thunderchief_EA

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