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Someone did a good job designing this plane.
The action on the exhaust down thrust deflection is intriguing, along with all the door actions.

I did some experimenting on the flight conditions, and adjusted some parameters. Then added some air flow visuals.

The gyro responses have been reduced (yah or nay ?)
The flight controls were adjusted to my flying preferences.

The plane is automated for canopy closure, door closures and gear up/down.
If you speed away with canopy up ... with airspeed they will close, and not let you raise until you get on the ground.

If you forget wheels up, they will also close when airborne.
Doors ( air inlets) the same.

The retract switch in the down (forward) position will bring the gear down at any time ... this also doubles as wheel brakes. but you can't put the gear up until your airborne. These planes are expensive to repair !!!

* Brakes were attached to far up elevator ... tried down but the elevators being large tipped the aircraft forward.

You will see the large fans and engine churn out a lot of air ... and if you look closely, you might see air turbulence at the inlets.

The canopy has a down then lock action to it. (Dual rate switch)

Credit: To those who worked to bring this model to us. Thank You !

This variant requires: