GAUI 330X-S Quad Flyer_EA

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GAUI 330X-S Quad Flyer

The Gaui 330X-S quad flyer is an all-new UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) design that uses a quad rotor configuration for extremely stable flight characteristics. The stability is acheived by the configuration of two pairs of rotor blades spinning in opposite directions, cancelling out any rotational torque, allowing the aircraft to maintain straight and level flight.

Crossing Distance: 330mm (Shaft to Shaft)
Weight with battery: 550g
Propeller size: 203mm
Motor: GUEC GM-410 BL Motor 1050kV
Battery: GUEC GB-201 3S1P 11.1V 2000 mAh 20C Lipo Pack

Controls and Cameras
Channel 4 Landing Gears Rotation
Channel 6 POD Knob OPEN/CLOSE
Channel 7 Smoke Switch ON/OFF

F4 On-board Bottom View
F5 On-board Cockpit View
F6 On-board Forward View
F7 On-board Left View
F8 On-board Right View
F9 On-board Top View

3D Model and CS by oneeyejack
Physics by Boof69

I would like to thank Boof69 for his help with the physics...


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