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Introducing GQ, the Grappler Quad. This monster can lift nearly 200 lbs and will grapple any of the dynamic objects at Jim’s Junkyard. Based on Q, GQ has the same control setup with the following exceptions. 1) Dual rate switch (ch5) is used to arm the grappler. 2) The Dial (ch6) adjusts cable length. Compared to Q, GQ is bigger, heavier, slower, and 100% muscle. So hit the Jim and start lifting some weight. Be sure to also download the new high contrast safety color scheme - GQ_grappler_CS.

GQ is number 2 in the Quad Quartet, 4 different quads, each with unique strengths. Here’s the line up:
*****1) Q - straight up aggressive 3D ************** 2) GQ - a larger, heavier, powerful Grappler Quad;
*****3) IQ - a hyper 3D with a very fast IQ mode ***** 4) Qombat - a heavily armed high-performance jet-quad.
If you haven’t already, be sure to download other members of the Quad Quartet with their color schemes (recordings also available). Just search “Quad Quartet.”

Find all the 25th Century Quad AVs CSs and RCs by searching "-=-quad," or all 25th Century files by searching "25cent."

25cent -=-rotor -=-multirotor -=-quad -=-turbine -=-grappler -=-physics -=-3D -=-aerobatic -=-14-8

This variant requires:

Quadcopter from RealFlight 7

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