Great Lakes Special_EA

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Recently a few of us guys were talking and for some reason an old version of a plane Doug built came up and he mentioned he had to let it go during a move. So I told him I'd create a model of it for RealFlight if he'd help me. So Doug said fine and has done the complete physics and color scheme for this release. So I modeled the plane and gave it to him to finish out. I thought he might share a little bit of history of the plane with us so I ask him to write a few comments for the release notes, so here's what Doug had to say.


Thank you technoid for this model. The RF model that technoid did for me is based off the model I scratch built back in 1997 using the RCM Great Lakes Special plans, although this version is much larger with a 70 twin 2 stroke than the 40 - 50 size I built, the wire cabanes, interplane struts, and aileron connecting wires make it look really close to my scratch built version. The CS is the one I was working on but didn't quite get it finished as I was having so much fun flying it. I even put it on floats and it flew great with the extra weight, it's a good aerobatic biplane and I'm sure you will enjoy flying this version.


Thanks Doug. I also plan to do a float version for Doug so stay tuned that's coming soon. Doug also built a tug-boat so he could go out and grab planes that landing but the engine died, so he needs a new float version to play with too.


Brakes activated by up elevator
Smoke controlled by Channel 7

Plane Design: technoid
Physics Design: doug schluter
Color Scheme: doug schluter
Fun Factor: A Cool Aerobatic Bi-Plane

I also want to thank the guys on the Developer's Forum for their help and support.

doug schluter
uncle twist
Maj. Numbskully
adrenoline 60

When you're flying a 3D Field you can use the F4, F5, F6, and F7 keys for the Pilot Seat, Front, Left, and Right views of the plane.

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