GWS AT-6 Texan G45_AV

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GWS AT-6 Texan
Modeled for RealFlight G4
By Haiduk

Includes the "scale" split flaps mod with a bit of down elevator mixed in (on Channel 6).

Throttle, Rudder, Elevator, Ailerons and Flaps.

Wing Span: 39.4 in.
Wing Area: 258.8sq. in.
Wing Loading: 9 oz/ft^2
Flying Weight: AUW 21 oz.
Motor: E-Flite Park 480 Outrunner 910kv
Prop: APC 10x7e
Battery: 2100mah 3s1P

Aircraft Variant also fixes the bouncy landing gear issue with G4.5

This variant requires:

GWS AT-6 Texan_EA

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