Horizon Hobby the Beast RF7-5 V2_AV

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The Hangar 9® Beast™.

A giant-scale 100 cc bi-plane that blurs the line between 3D and precision aerobatic performance, and more than lives up to its name. It was designed jointly by Quique Somenzini and Kevin Kimball, builder and designer of the full scale Beast.

The Hangar 9® Beast is a highly competent performer flying either 3-D or precise F.A.I aerobatics and is perfect for freestyle flying and unlimited IMAC competition.

Aimed at advanced to expert pilots, this impressive scale biplane flies with all the great characteristics and presence of a bi-plane, but with the lighter feel of a monoplane.


Thanks to Mark (Inky00) England for the 3d model and colour scheme.

Various modifications for RF 7.5 to get good model flight performance.

6 channel flight controls which include smoke and opening canopy. No landing flaps.

As usual fly with the channel 5 rate switch in the “High” position.

Smoke is on the channel 7 toggle switch.

The canopy opens via the channel 6 Interlink rotary knob.

This is a fabulous aerobatic airplane which emulates the performance of the real model. It's quite the thing to see it do easy, spectacular torque rolls a few feet above ground with smoke on. This airplane is sure to put a smile on the face of the aerobatic pilots out there.

This variant requires:

Pitts Python_EA