Horten Ho-229_EA

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Horten Ho-229 (or Gotha Go 229, Horten Ho IX)

Hi !

This is my third airplane for Realflight, the Horten Ho 229. For easier flying i added some stabilizers and an elevator gyro.

Details :

Weight: 19kg / 41,9lbs
Wingspan: 4m / 13,12ft
Turbine: 2x JetCat P80
Tank: 3ltr. / 101.46 oz
Landing and starting speed: around 40km/h / 24.85 mph
Topspeed: 200 km/h / 124.27 mph

I got the idea to make this airplane from a Youtube video:

This model there is not so scale, so i made my Horten more scale but with the same specs as the model.

Channel 8: Flaps: 20°/40°
Channel 5: Gear up/down
Channel 7: Canopy open/close

Hope u like my third airplane. Have fun with and rate plz ! :)