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Number 3 in the Quad Quartet, IQ is the fastest (250+ mph) and most maneuverable of the four. Enter IQ mode by putting the three position switch up and turning the top of the dial, ch6, full left. Top speed increases to over 250 mph and right stick controls horizontal vectored thrust. Other than IQ mode, controls are the same as a 3D helicopter. IQ is even more aggressive than Q in idle up 3D mode (triple switch up, dial down). Learning to fly IQ is a great way to stretch your timing and orientation skills, making many 3D helicopters seem docile by comparison. Be sure to download the IQ_Spinnin’_Wheel_CS. You’ll also want to download other members of the Quad Quartet and their color schemes (recordings also available). Just search “Quad Quartet.”

Note: Important to know where the rotary knob is set. To preserve standard 3D helicopter controls (including dual rates), the Rotary Knob (Dial ch6) is used to select IQ mode. Select IQ mode by turning the top surface of the knob all the way left. Unless you want to take off from IQ mode, you should always remember to make sure the Dial is turned down (top of dial to the right) before takeoff.

Find all the 25th Century Quad AVs CSs and RCs by searching "-=-quad," or all 25th Century files by searching "25cent."

25cent -=-rotor -=-multirotor -=-quad -=-3D -=-aerobatic -=-fast -=-physics -=-14-9

This variant requires:

Quadcopter from RealFlight 7

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