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Several aircraft in one, from AFS trainer to full 3D. 3 pos switch selects flight modes. Down is trainer mode. Centered is 3D. Up is 3D Gyro. Chanel 7 (gear switch) engages AFS - available in every mode, when you pull the gear switch toward you, the plane automatically returns to level attitude. Or, you can leave AFS on and drive through the sky easier than driving a car. Dual rates available in all modes (ch5 - right 2 position switch toward you for low rates).

KADET Aerobat settings = 3 position switch centered, AFS off (ch7 toward you), low rates (ch5 toward you). KADET Senior settings = 3 position switch down, AFS off (ch7 toward you), high rates (ch5 away from you).

BUILDING THIS AIRPLANE. Use KADET Senior plans or a KADET Senior kit (not ARF). Use a high quality brushless motor that can deliver 2:1 power to weight. Replace 5000 mAh battery with 4000 to keep the plane lighter. Use carbon fiber reinforcement at high stress points. Extend ailerons to fuselage. Cut control surface bevels for 45 degree throws (increasing control surface percentage of chord is not necessary, but can be done - increasing ailerons to 30% will allow the plane to fully overcome torque in a vertical hover). Install and tune 3-axis gyro system with AFS such as the Eagle Tree Guardian or receiver with 3 axis gyros (or 5 separate gyros - see aircraft edit page for details). Set the CG to the aft end of the CG range. Use a transmitter that has several programable mixes, and program appropriate control throws and gyro gains for each flight mode (see aircraft edit page for flight mode details).

25cent -=-fixed -=-trainer -=-singleengine -=-3D -=-aerobatic -=-3-5lb -=-1-3kg -=-3-7' -=-1-2m -=-70mph -=-100kph -=-14-12

This variant requires:

Sig Seniorita from RealFlight 7

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