Krill Spark Contrarotate Mike's Setup_AV

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Complete with contra-rotating blades and two individual motors, this aircraft is flown on four 8000mah 3s LiPo batteries. (The batteries are configured to emulate 3s 36000mah 12.6V) which yields about 3 mins flying time with proper throttle management. Two motors draw a lot of power. The aircraft has been balanced and tuned to fly exceptionally well with no trim, by adjusting the CG, tuning the incidences of the flying surfaces and the motors, adding mixes and applying AS3X flight stabilization. You'll be amazed how well it holds attitude, whether upright, knife edge or inverted flight.
Please rate and comment so that I'll know if I'm on the right track with my setups. If I am, I'll keep doing it. If I'm not, I'll take your suggestions to make things better.

This variant requires:

Krill Spark Evo I_EA