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Lavochkin La-7 "White 27" flown by Ivan N. Kozhedub

The Aircraft:
The La-7 came through a long wartime evolution of Lavochkin design, sourcing from LaGG-3. It dominated the skies over the eastern front, and Germany during 1944 - 45 period.

The La-7 was a very purposeful design, being constructed mostly of delta-wood (mix of wood and resin). Rugged, powerful yet nimble, and with twin ShVAK cannons armed for the occasion. It eclipsed in performance, and manoeuvrability its main opposition: FW-190’s and Bf-109G/K’s. Late 3-cannon version was even more deadly, and much sought after by Soviet pilots, but produced in smaller numbers.

The Pilot:
Ivan N. Kozhedub, triple hero of the Soviet Union, and highest scoring allied ace of WWII. During the two active years of combat flying he collected 62 recognized kills, while his
unofficial score is undoubtedly higher

3D model: pplace
ColorScheme: pplace
Flight Physics: pplace

Slight change to inner gear door action (per Willsonman's comment) If you have downloaded please overwrite previous EA.

Note: 4096x4096 cs file will result in slow load of aircraft for the first time.
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