Lindberg's Lockheed Sirius_EA

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This is the lockheed Sirius owned and flown by Charles A. Lindbergh.
This model has a 96" wing span and measures 60" nose to tail. It's quite nimble as was the RL aircraft. Powered by a Fuji Imvac BT-50SB 46.5cc turning a 18"x12 prop.

Modeled by.............. Boof69
Color Scheme by......... Twoeleven
Physics by.............. Twoeleven and Boof69

Link to Lockheed Sirius build thread

Many cameras one in each cockppit and one above the tail.
the cockpit cams move with the flaps knob
Anyone interested in doing a CS for this one PM me and I'll send you a template

Thanks to rcplanefubar and dhk79 for the 9cylinder radial engine generously posted in the parts repository.

Built by the Lockheed company in 1930 the Sirius is the wheeled predecessor to Charles A. Lindbergh's Float plane nicknamed the "Tingmissartog". Which means "One who flies like big bird" in the Inuit language. Originaly named the "Explorer" and built for Harold Bromley in hopes to win th Tokyo Ashi prize of $25,000 for the first trans pacific flight between Japan and America. Although during takeoff over filled fuel tanks spilled into Harolds eyes blinding him and causing a crash. A second attempt at building the Explorer failed. So a third was made but now incorporating changes requested by Lindbergh including the name change to "Sirius". Harold never was succesfull in his attempts some of which didn't include the Lockheed company.

Follow this link to request a model for Real Flight 6-6.5
Proper requesting sample

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