Long Beach Harbor for H4 Hercules_AP

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This Airport is actually my attempt to re-create the seaport area of Long Beach California around the time that Howard Hughes flew his H-4 Hercules "Spruce Goose". Bear with me here. Airport objects available in RF7 do not exactly match items around the 1930's, but I made due with what I had! Pretend it's California!

That being said, You have to download H-4 Spruce Goose._EA to fully appreciate the fun here. For those of you who enjoy flying in chase mode, you should be in for a treat. You get to fly the Hercules at the harbor and see the thrill that HH saw - well dream a little here, work with me!

Of course for some fantasy fun, I put in an island with a castle on it that is accessed by a suspension bridge (c'mon, you need a bridge here, the Golden Gate Bridge to be specific!). So try flying under the bridge for fun. The best part is that you can set your recorder and fly chase mode. After the recording is finished, you can play it back and by toggling the "x" key, you can see the recording from several vantage points, including the bridge of the Ronald Reagan Aircraft Carrier that I placed in the scene. (OK, more fantasy fun!). Buzz the deck and then watch the playback recording from the deck for quite a thrill.

You can edit this AP and say, put in more pilot spawns, like at the top of the castle for more views of recordings of the Spruce Goose. Let's face it - Howard's flight of this bird was just too short for us enthusiasts to get a full measure of appreciation. So I say, go for it and go back in time. Thanks to Real Flight for their versatility to allow me to create this. And thanks to Cowboy for his fabulous H-4 Hercules CA.

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