Macchi C 202 Folgore RF7 V1_AV

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The Macchi C.202 Folgor served as one of the top Italian-designed fighters during the critical middle years of WW II. The C.202 series, powered by an inline engine, was a further Macchi development of the radial engined C.200 Saetta monoplane fighter. The C.202 was instantly improved by way of a license produced version of the German Daimler-Benz DB 601 series engine with Alfa Romeo handling local Italian production. Alongside the Fiat G.55 the Macchi C.202 proved one of the best Italian fighter designs of the war.

The Folgore went into service with the Regia Aeronautica in July 1941 and immediately proved to be an effective and deadly dogfighter. The Australian ace Clive Caldwell, who fought a wide variety of German, Italian and Japanese fighters during 1941–45, later stated that the C.202 was "one of the best and most undervalued of fighters". Nonetheless, the C.202 had its defects: like its predecessor, the Macchi C.200, it could enter a dangerous spin. It was insufficiently armed, with just two machine guns that easily jammed. The radios were unreliable, forcing the pilots to communicate by waggling wings. The oxygen system was inefficient, causing 50 to 60 per cent of the pilots to break off missions, sometimes even causing fatal accidents.

This aircraft variant has had various performance enhancing modifications for RF7, including substituting a higher performance wing airfoil. moving the center of gravity, reducing wing dihedral, and increasing wing angle of incidence. Mild brakes were added to the up elevator to assist in slowing the airplane down when landing. The end result of all the modifications is “true to life” model flight performance within the boundaries of the RF physics engine.

Fly with the rate switch in the “high” position. For the Interlink controller 3 position switch on the top left put the switch in the middle position. Toggling towards you opens the canopy. Toggling to the position farthest from you fires the guns.

This is a fairly good flying airplane with realistic flying characteristics. Suitable for pilots above the beginner stage.

This variant requires:

Macchi C 202 Folgore_EA
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