Modeltech Magic EP csgill75's Aircraft_AV

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This is the AV of my Model Tech Magic setup to the way I fly my own Model Tech Magic.

First I would Like to thank Technoid for doing a Fantastic Job on creating the model. Nobody could have done a better job. Technoid, You Rock!

Ok, A little about my setup. You should know that I have the real aircraft here and I have had the V1 version since it was released around 2003. It has had a lot of flights and some bumps, bruises, New tail, wings etc. Stuff you would think that would break on a 3D aircraft that has flown probably thousands of flights. It can be setup for a Sport/pattern plane or 3D capable aircraft by where the CG is setup. The original setup Technoid did is setup how I would fly it if I placed the battery in the forward position. This is my "Dr. Jekyll" flight mode. A sporty pattern plane with no really bad habits or tendencies to get out of control. Putting the battery in the rear position though turns it into what I would call it’s “Mr. Hyde” flight mode where its stability at low speed is decreased, and becomes very twitchy and fast to respond to the controls at the high rates setting. You can do some pretty spectacular stunts with it in this mode which is what this setup represents.

I chose electric for power, my real aircraft got a Scorpion 4025-10 motor upgrade recently and 6s 65c Lipos. I have set this plane up with the same motor and battery. It is GROSSLY overpowered for a .40 size plane but I don't fly it fast, I use the power to do maneuvers and it helps get the tail around or loop within its own length. If it gets in a bad situation it’s also nice to know it can power out of a problem. Most of my flying is done under 30mph or so while performing stunts/tricks etc. It is possible to fly it at near 0mph while flat spinning and holding the same altitude.

Take off and landings are done in Low Rates. I have them turned down to 30% and It will be easy on the throws. Take off and get some speed on the plane quickly to allow it to become more stable. At lower speeds and landings, it is a tricky plane to fly and I have had most of my crashes during the landings phase of my flights. It is possible to land a perfect 3-point landing though with all 3 wheels touching the ground at the same time. You just have to watch it as it becomes very tail heavy at low speed and wants to loop.

Keep your eye on it, watch your speed on landings, and enjoy tossing it around in the air as that’s what its built for!

This variant requires:

Modeltech Magic EP_EA