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Wanna Test your QuadCopter flying Skills? Try grappling at the junkyard with the ModQaud. This baby’s all about the joy of flying. * Big * Bold * in-your-face * Quadriffic * Max lift capacity - 15 lbs. Extend grappler cable by pulling the landing switch (channel 7) toward you. Engage the grappler by pulling the dual rate switch toward you (channel 5). Other functions are the same as the Knife Edge QuadCopter on which the ModQuad is based. There is a ballast. If your not grappling and you want a heavier feel, you can go into the editor and increase the ballast weight and it won't affect the cg (or decrease it if you prefer flying very light).

ModQuad is my first AV of the KE Quadcopter that led to developing the Quad Quartet, 4 different quads, each with unique strengths. Here’s the line up:
*****1) Q - straight up aggressive 3D ************** 2) GQ - a larger, heavier, powerful Grappler Quad;
*****3) IQ - a hyper 3D with a very fast IQ mode ***** 4) Qombat - a heavily armed high-performance jet-quad.
Look for all 4 with unique color schemes for each. From my earlier work on the KE Quadcopter, check out The_Quad_Rod_CS and Mod_Quad_CS.

Find all the 25th Century Quad AVs CSs and RCs by searching "-=-quad," or all 25th Century files by searching "25cent."

25cent -=-rotor -=-multirotor -=-quad -=-grappler -=-14-8

This variant requires:

Quadcopter from RealFlight 7

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