Orion G 801_HM_AV

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Original by ' Donamy'

Very nice cockpit, I changed the color scheme and in that CS, the seats were gray, however the seats as supplied by Donamy were so nice, I let them alone !!!
This plane is Unique in that the nose wheel is free moving and requires differential braking for steering (see below) … practice makes do-able … working the throttle/brakes/rudder controls.

This Variation:
Electric Engine, Engine Start/Stop, Constant Speed Prop, Differential Brake Steering (modified method)

The airplane has a free turning nose gear, steering is accomplished with the brakes.
Move the rudder control to the desired turn direction ( slight movement actuates direction) ... then apply varying amounts of brake to turn.
Increased ground speed reduces effectiveness, then as speed passes 30 MPH, the rudder works well enough for takeoffs.
* Dual Rate Sw. = Engine Start/Stop
* Knob is elevator trim ... middle is neutral.
* Gear Sw. reversed from RF Standard ... back = Up forward is Down
* Brakes on Down Elevator
* Flaps on 3 position sw.
* Cockpit Doors in left slider ... half position = Left Door, full up = Right Door

This variant requires:

Orion G 801_EA