P-51 Aerobat 40% Scale_AV

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120 lbs, 15 ft wingspan, 185 mph level flight, real radial engine sounds, scale prop size and rpms, meticulously tuned aerodynamics and controls. You will love this 40% scale aerobatic P-51. Some 3D maneuvers are possible, with plenty of extra power. A small amount of vectored thrust gives you control below stall speed on the aerodynamic surfaces. The controls are the same as on the RF7 P-51, but you also have machine guns and rockets on the 3 position switch. Pull up to fire guns. Push down to fire rockets. Centered is off. Also, for safety, all weapons disarm when the gear is down. Flies fine in high or low rates. Use high rates for hovering maneuvers, low rates for smooth pattern style maneuvers. A flap curve gives you 15% down at half way on the rotary knob, and 40% down at full. Gentle wheel braking available with forward elevator.

Be sure to download and watch P-51 Carrier Airshow_RC. It was recorded with this AV.

This is part of a 25th Century series on the P-51 which will also include P-51 Combat 40% scale_AV with the same control set up as the RF7 combat version, P-51 40% Scale_AV, which is set up like the RF7 standard P-51, and finally, 3 new color schemes, including restored, polished versions of Big Beautiful Doll and Bald Eagle, as well as a memorial Gold Edition (see pictures below). Check out all the 25th Century military AVs CSs and RCs by searching "-=-mil."

25cent -=-fixed -=-mil -=-scale -=-singleengine -=-radial -=-aerobatic -=-gun -=-rocket -=-12+' -=-4+m -=-100+lb -=-40+kg -=-150+mph 300+kph -=-14-10

This variant requires:

P-51 Mustang from RealFlight 7

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