Panavia Tornado_EA

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Panavia Tornado

Hi !

Panavia Tornado 1/7 Scale Modell with ducted fans and gyros for stable flight. Also with visual thrust reversers and airbrakes. Colorscheme: Marinegeschwader 2

- Ducted Fans: 2x Schuebeler DS-51-DIA HDT /w Lehner 1940-10 motors
- Battery: 8S 10000mAh
- Weight: 9,5kg/20,95 lbs.
- Wingspan: 1,98m/78"

Channel 8: Flaps/Wings normal/Wings folded
Channel 5: Wing Airbrakes (also use as ailerons)
Channel 7: Gear
Channel 6: Thrust reverser and Airbrakes

Little notice: I use white air ducts so that you can see the ducted fans better when they rotate. Let me know if u dont like that :O
And: There is a bug of the right gear. I cant change that because someone already upload AV's for my Tornado ! I cant upload it. So YOU must live with this bug. Anyway u can download my Tornado on my own homepage without this bug.

For changes or updates for this and my other realflight models plz visit:

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Enjoy and have fun !!! ...and please rate and let me know about issues in the comments !

Greetings from Germany