PAU 36% Edge 540 - Loaded_AV

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Fully Loaded! This one is for all the folks that want an unlimited class plane with all the bells and whistles! All in 8 channels, too! I’m open to requests, if this isn’t enough or you want a custom setup for your favorite plane variant.

Flight Controls:
For control, you now have access to Dual Rates, Wheel Brakes, Elevons, Flaperons, Tailerons, and the ability to switch from Mode 2 to Mode 1 if you want to cheat when hovering. The Tailerons will even let you Torque Roll Clockwise!

Wheel Brakes:
The Wheel Brakes are progressive and start at about 20% Up Elevator, but will never bite hard enough to cause a costly nose stand! If you perform higher speed Wheels Landings, wait for the tail to drop on it’s own before braking or you WILL lift off again. Wheel Brakes work on takeoff, too. Full Up Elevator then full Throttle at launch will put you in the sky in about two plane lengths few feet. Add High Rates, and you will be on you back at eye level just as fast!

For fun, Red/White/Blue smoke with Red and Blue on the wingtips and White on the fuselage. Switch on just the Fuselage smoke for the classic look, the wingtips for the fancy rolls, or both for an awesome patriotic low pass!

Switch A - Smoke On / Smoke Off
Switch B - Fuselage Smoke (W) / Both (RWB) / Wingtip Smoke (RB)
Switch C - Low Rates / High Rates / High Rates
Switch D - Ailerons / Elevons / Flaperons (Do not use Elevons/Flaperons with Switch H - Mode 1)
Switch F - Tailerons / Elevator / Tailerons
Switch H - Mode 1 / Mode 2 (Mode 1 only compatible with Switch D - Ailerons, not Elevons/Flaperons )

Channel 1 - Right Aileron
Channel 2 - Right Elevator
Channel 3 - Throttle
Channel 4 - Rudder
Channel 5 - Left Aileron
Channel 6 - Left Elevator
Channel 7 - Smoke On/Off
Channel 8 - Smoke Fuselage/Both/Wingtips

Thanks to KE for this fantastic RC Simulation platform and the forum community for the inspiration!


This variant requires:

PAU 36% Edge 540 from RealFlight 9
First release
Last update
RealFlight Version