Maj. Numbskully

PT4-1A SpaceWalker_CS

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(re-post had to correct a couple of things please update if you already Dl'd this CS )
As Requested by U-Bird
remake of the CS I made for the SpaceWalkerII for U-Bird

Altered/modified Bump map now includes:
Fabric texture
gauge needles
field repairs
new cowl and windscreen frame screws
new grill
new cockpit padding
Thanks boof69 for allowing me use of the original bump map .psd file
and for creating this fine model
If any one does not like the pilot I.D. on the side let me know and I'll post a version with out one
This CS Should work just fine in all versions of RF 4.0 and above
(4.0 users will not see the normals files effects)

This color scheme requires:


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