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Screamin’ turbo sounds, 40lbs, 200mph, 112 weapons, Qombat has a heavy chopper feel, and very special flight modes. Tripple switch down - AFS mode, super easy helicopter style controls. Tripple switch centered - 3D helicopter style control but heavy. Tripple switch up - Qombat becomes capable of 200+ mph. Right stick now controls horizontal vectored thrust. You have 3 different 18 machine gun arrays (two pointing down, one pointing forward) , 3 different 10 rocket arrays (also 2 down, 1 forward), one 12 gun radial array, one 12 rocket radial array, single guns forward and down, single fire forward rockets, and one bomb drop. 3 onboard cameras give you great views of all firing patterns (press C to switch views). Here’s how you control all of the weapons with just the dial and 2 triggers. Channel 5 switch - machine gun trigger - push away from you to fire. Channel 7 switch - rocket launcher - push away from you to fire. Channel 6 dial - select weapons arrays or single fire weapons. Top of dial full right selects single fire down including bomb drop. right ⅓ of dial (not full right) selects down arrays. Middle ⅓ of dial - all weapons off. Left ⅓ of dial (not full left) selects forward arrays. Full left dial selects forward single fire. 3 position switch up auto-triggers at full stick: Right stick full forward = x axis down rocket array. Right stick full aft = x axis down machine gun array. Right stick full right = y axis down rocket array. Right stick full left = y axis down machine gun array. Full right yaw - radial rocket array. Full left yaw - radial machine gun array. Of course, your triggers also work in Q flight mode. Note: With 214 total components (not including the radio and visual mesh) this is a very complex aircraft and could push the limits of your system. If you have difficulty getting things to work right, download Qombat_Light_AV. It does all the same things, but with fewer weapons.

Find all the 25th Century Quad AVs CSs and RCs by searching "-=-quad," or all 25th Century files by searching "25cent."

25cent -=-rotor -=-multirotor -=-quad -=-turbine -=-combat -=-gun -=-rocket -=-physics -=-3D -=-aerobatic -=-14-10

This variant requires:

Quadcopter from RealFlight 7

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