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QQ Yak-54 (Turbo Prop)_AV

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It seems that there has been a little friendly rivalry going on so i thought i'd Join in.
I put a JetCat SPT5 Turbo Prop in it with all turbine specs that has provided.
The turbo prop provides 55lbs of thrust with a 27" prop at 7000 RPM.
With the turbo prop in the QQ Yak-54,it provides unlimited vertical climbs and a quick take off.
Only changes were the power plant,CG,Prop,and the smoke,i just moved the smoke to the left pipe instead of it being in the middle,its capablee of every trick in the book.It can even fly with no power for a bit depending on your engine cut altitude and your control surface usage.
Please check out the Recording. :D

This variant requires:

Yak-54 from RealFlight G3
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