Quad Turbine Delta v2_AV

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Quad Turbine Delta v2

This aircraft variant uses the previous Quad Turbine Delta variant as it's starting point. Various issues with the model design were discovered and fixed.

Model purists possibly may look "under the hood" and point out that my wing parameters don't follow the wire frame model's shape. That observation would be correct. The original model's wing design (NACA 5 wing foil, 0 degrees dihedral, 0 degrees angle of incidence) is a step or 2 above flying a model with a chunk of plywood as its wing. The aircraft handling was on the "squirrelly" side. To correct this, I've given the wing a taper from NACA 10 at the root to NACA 7 at the tip. Dihedral went from 0 degrees to 3 degrees. Wing angle of incidence went from 0 degrees to 0.2 degrees. The result is rock steady flight, nimble air handling, and the model properly goes where you point it, without having any quirks in its air handling. For a model that flies at 220+ MPH, it is now a very decent flier.

This model does glide quite well, so be sure to scrub off considerable speed before starting any landing attempts. It would also be a good idea to start your landing approach quite a ways back from what you may be used to, otherwise you possibly could run out of runway.

As everyone should know, an airplane flies better if it has a snazzy eye catching paint scheme. I've created a new high visibility paint scheme for that purpose.

Flight Controls:

1 - 4 - Standard

5 - Brakes (now properly working - high position Off, low position On)

6 - Canopy

7 - Retracts

8 - Smoke

If you enjoy flying high speed jet aircraft, you'll want to try out this model variant.

This variant requires:

QF Delta_EA
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