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Hey guys, here I bring the model Quicksilver Sport S II this is my first plane of own manufacture.

Sport 2S
Is the latest evolution in Quicksilver’s open cockpit design

The Sport 2S development program began with the goal of producing the best side-by-side trainer ever. Featuring strutted wings, wider cockpit, rugged aluminum steerable nosewheel, and larger wheels, the Sport 2S combines the many suggestions and comments of ultralight enthusiasts and professionals with Quicksilver’s extensive designing, engineering, and R & D testing to fullfill that goal.

Pilots used to the docile and predictable flying qualities of the Quicksilver MX line of ultralight planes will be pleased with the Sport 2S. It provides the solid feel of a strut braced plane with the desirable flying characteristics that have made Quicksilvers so popular.



PowerPlant Rotax 582
No. Cylinders 2
Displacement 580.7 cc
Horsepower 65 hp
Recommended TBO 300 hrs
Propeller 68" in x 36" in
Length 18ft 3in
Height 8ft 1/2 in
Wingspan 30 ft 11 in
Wing area 174.1 sq ft
Wing loading 5.74 lb/sq ft
Power loading 15.38 lb/hp
Seats 2
Minimum weight crew 1
Empty Weight 444 lb
Useful load 556 lb
Payload w/full fuel. 520 lb
Max takeoff weight 1000 lb
Fuel capacity 6 U.S. gal.

RC tips.

New engine Rotax and Real Sound.

This model It is fully functional:

Pedals (Rudder)
Joystick (Aleron and Elevator)

This model has two moving cameras on board

GoPro1: Cockpit View
GoPro2: Strut View

Head move
Channel (6) "Flaps" move: Camera Pan.
Channel (8) "Mode" move: Camera Tilt.

To switch between views press the "C" key

Modeled by Napalsun
Physics by Napalsun
Color Scheme by Napalsun

Special Thanks to Boof69 for ur tutorials in YouTube.


Lets go fly


Espero disfruten este modelo tanto como disfrute yo creándolo saludos!
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