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Keith or myself could not upload this av, so i decided to upload Keith's av as a EA, It is much better the old version... The old file is deleted, If you have the old file just overwrite all.

The Ryan Fireball was a composite aircraft with both a piston radial engine and a turbojet. Being a carrier based aircraft, it was deemed necessary to have a normal piston engine to provide the acceleration to get the plane airborne, the early turbojets were to sluggish to accelerate the aircraft to flying speed from the deck of a carrier.
Both engines were used on takeoff and the turbojet could be stopped and started whilst airborne.
On radial engine power alone, a Wright Cyclone of 1020hp, the Fireball had a top speed of 275mph but adding the turbojet thrust increased this to 425mph.

The model has a 15’ wingspan and has a top speed of 140mph on piston power only, firing up the turbojet to max’ increases speed to over 170mph.

I increased size/weight, altered many flight physics, revamped the jet and engine sounds, added smoke, standard retracts and wheel brakes.

Usual controls with rates up for normal, brakes on down elev’ and turbojet power on 3 pos’ switch with off towards you and middle half power, away full power.

Hope you enjoy my version of this unique aircraft.
Keith Lowe

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