Sig Hog Bipe (Giant)_AV

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I took abaser's excellent Sig Hog Bipe and created a Giant version with a 9 ft. wing span. Besides changing the wingspan I modified the Physics to change the flight characteristics. I made it lighter, changed all the throws for a crisper response, and increased the engine output for stronger performance. I also added a dashboard with instruments and a camera so you can see the cockpit area. The camera is placed just outside the cockpit looking forward at a slight angle so you can see the dashboard and also fly. It's a different view for flying but I have fun with it. Since it's a giant version I also changed the engine sound to OS 120 Four Stroke. I know there's a two stroke engine on the front but I don't care for any of the two stroke sounds so hopefully you can look over that and bear with me on it. I also created a new color scheme so don't forget to download the Sig Hog Bipe (Giant)_CV too.

This variant requires:

Sig Hog Bipe_EA

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