Spad XIII RF7-5 V1_AV

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Spad XIII.

The fast and rugged Spad XIII was among the most successful fighters of World War I, in a class with the legendary Fokker D.VII and Sopwith Camel. It was flown by some of the most famous air heroes of the war, such as Guynemer, Fonck, Nungesser, Lufbery, Luke, and Rickenbacker. The aircraft was particularly noted for its robust construction and its ability to dive at high speed, features that made it one of the best dog-fighting airplanes of the war.

The Spad XIII was produced and deployed in great numbers. By the end of 1918, the parent company and eight other French manufactures had built 8,472 of the sturdy fighters. Almost every French fighter squadron was equipped with them by the end of the war, as well as the American units that were part of the American Expeditionary Force. Spads were also used by the British, the Italians, the Belgians, and the Russians.


Thanks to DirtyHarry3033 for the model and colour scheme.

Various adjustments for good flight performance in RF 7.5.

Flight controls include throttle, rudder, ailerons, elevator.

Fly with the channel 5 rate switch in the “High” position.

A nicely done example of a WW I era aircraft. This model variant flies with a vintage biplane feel. Capable of basic aerobatics. Like the real physical airplane, this model exhibits the same nose heavy characteristic, so be sure to properly use the up elevator when necessary. Nice easy landings. Sure to please the biplane enthusiasts out there.

This variant requires: