SR-71 BlackBird_EA

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This is a 1/5th scale edit of the SR-71 from G3.5. Due to the speed capabilities of this model it may not work well on smaller displays. Suggest use of binocular view for orientation reference at extreme distances from pilot (in typical RC view). Model trim set for level flight at approximately 400mph with ten clicks up on elevator trim at full speed. Initial landing approach at approximately 160-170mph with gear down and full flaps. Slight throttle reduction beyond that for final and touch down. My edit of Evergreen Airport with altered plane spawn point may be helpfull. The only thing missing is the sonic boom!

NOTE: I've been reducing thrust on the left engine to eliminate or reduce the right yaw (perhaps my controller)???

It has been brought to my attention that this model was originally produced by Inky00 and credit for the EA should go to him. Certainly a historic aircraft worthy of placement here.

Don't expect the usual RC model... a flight in this puppy is more like a MISSION!