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Back in the day, my dad designed a slow-combat control line that he called the Snickersnee. In his honor I want to design, laser cut, and build a 400 sized electric stick for r/c streamer combat. Since this will be a stick type design, I'm going with a variation of the third definition here:
1. A knife resembling a sword.
Archaic The act of fighting with knives.
3. To Stick or Snee.​
Pops original Snickersnee design was characterized by its diamond shaped wing tips and sharp corners. The slow-combat control line model looked very similar to this model I set up for the RealFlight simulator a while back:My design process usually starts by drafting a simple scale drawing to import into 3DS Max so I can generate a 3D model for design testing in RealFlight. Once I'm happy with the shape and size of the flight surfaces and the handling in the sim I start designing the structure.

This model is a prototype for initial flight testing of the design. I will be designing the structure and building the model next. Feel free to visit the build thread on RCGroups if you are interested.

Note: I mixed flapperons to the 3 position switch (channel 8)

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