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Please update to the latest G3.5 version.
Some user were experiencing "bad" flying characteristics using older versions.

This model is based on the famous Russian fighter SU-27UB.

3D modeling, Physics and CS is the work of Andrzej Borysewicz.

RealFlight Specifications:30% Scale, Turbine powered, Top speed 200mph, functional flaperons, slats, elevons, air brake, retracts, brakes linked to elevator, smoke.

3 pos switch - flaperons/elevons/air brake different flight configurations
Upper right switch – Retracts Knob - smoke

Modeler's notes: The g suffix (as my previous model F-20g) indicates that this model was created exclusively with GMAX and then converted to a KEX file using Deep Exploration and the DOS based KEX converter.
Some aspects of true scale performance have been forgone in favor of making this a fun model to fly.

I would like to take the opportunity to thank Mr. Doug Kaye for his input and support during the final process of design.

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Enjoy! Andrzej

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