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3D Jet … SU-30MK - This submission is revisited from an excellent submission by CollectiveDT on Dec. 2, 2007
Great Aircraft with vectored thrust, Gyro Stabilized.
Increased throws and vectoring, configured to fly in RF8/9

Controls: ... Interlink X by Tactic

* 3 Pos. Sw.: Down = Gyros Off (Low Gain) , Mid = Medium , Up=High Gain
* Dual Rates: Up = High - 3D
* Knob : 1/4 turn CW = Engine Start ... 1/2 to full = Wing Tip Smoke on and adjust quantity
* Retract Sw.: Forward ( Down) = Down
* Speed Brake deploys @ 1.) Low throttle 2.) Aircraft at Landing Speed
* Brakes on down elevator, plus when auto speed brake deploys.

The Gyro Gain Sw. Is a Gain Limit . The Gyro gain is automatically adjusted according to aircraft speed, up to the limit set.
At a low speed the gain is the highest, progressively decreasing as aircraft speed increases.

Will not land or 3D well on LOW Gyro gain setting ... too uncontrollable due to aft balance configuration for 3D.
Can use LOW Gain for "Normal" Flying and Taxiing ( minimizes unusual controls movements when on the ground).

This variant requires: