Toy Block Plane by DH_EA

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dirtyharry3033 very first model. The name, the tga, and the physics by flexible.

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ROLF! Don't take this seriously guys! This was my very 1st RF model made 18 months ago with Max 9 on my old computer, just to see if I could learn how.

Last year I upgraded my PC and went to Max 2009, when Flexible offered to convert my G4.5 Baron to G3.5, turned out that G3.5 can't read the .kex file made by Max 2009. So Doug (dhk79) pitched in with his Max 8 and made a usable .kex file.

Flexible has offered to convert my Do-335 to G3.5, and I didn't want to trouble Doug with creating another G3.5-compatible .kex, so I dragged out my old computer with Max 9 and sent Flexible a .kex of my first plane to see if he could import it.

Looks like he could, so I jokingly suggested he build a physics model for it and post it in my name as "DirtyHarry's Latest Creation." Well he did!

Anyway, this model is how I got started. Enjoy!!!!