Trex 450SE V2 G45_EA

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Align Trex 450SE V2 For RealFlight G4.5

Enhanced version of the old G3.5 aircraft.

New Features:
Flexible Skids
Enhanced and Updated Colorschemes
Updated Physics to reflect Newer Technology (including softstart throttle)

Please note: Set "Normal Maps" option to YES to enjoy new, enhanced features with this G4.5 model.

Five of Align's pre-painted fiberglass canopies have also been digitally created for this model, and have been uploaded. All of them are available in either CF or GF frame textures. This model comes with the HS1237 Stock V2 Fiberglass Canopy with Stickers, and a CF frame.

Align Logo and trademark used with permission.
Thank you Andy Yu from Align USA, Alex, and Maggie from Align.

For Private, non-profit use only. Any other use prohibited without consent of the authors.
©2008 Collective Designs

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