Twisted Hobbys EPP Crack Yak-55 v2_EA

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This is the Twisted Hobbys EPP Crack Yak-55 in the blue color scheme. It is a 3D EPP foam plane that has great roll rates, almost no coupling when doing knife edges, and flies well inverted. It is excellent at holding whatever attitude you put it in.

The model has working servos, pushrods, and control horns as befits a foamy.

Thanks to Brad and Chris of Twisted Hobbys as well as RC Factory for their permission and assistance.

I used parts from Abaser (Servos, Control Rods, Control Horns), and Flexible (Motor and Foam Texture). Thanks to the guys who helped me in the RF6 designers corner.

This is version 2 and corrects some minor mapping mistakes in the original.

This has been tested under RF6.5 and works.
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