Use the Force_RC

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Heart-stopping. Death-defying. Experience the labyrinthian path of the MACH 2.5 TERRAIN FOLLOWING COURSE (soon to be constructed). Luke Skywalker loses half his wings in an unfortunate over-g, but he presses on. Then, with Jedi Master calm, he hovers his crippled starfighter effortlessly through the trees surrounding the Temple. Don’t miss it. Download this RC, Tori Gate Summit_AP (site of the future course), Incom T-65_EA, and icT65 x-wing 100% scale_AV. Learn what it means to “Use the Force.”

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25cent -=-scifi -=-spaceship -=-other -=-mach -=-fast -=-aerobatic -=-3d -=-15-7

This recording requires:

Incom T-65_EA

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